Photo Site of The Month: The White House | Contact Me “Inside North Korea,” produced by National Geographic in 2006, provides a disturbing glimpse into the dictatorship of Kim Jong-il.  The documentary follows a humanitarian medical team that was admitted into the country to provide over 1,000 cataract surgeries in less than 10 days.  Government “minders” watched and regulated their every step.  As you canContinue reading “Photo Site of The Month: The White House”

Little Bottled Time Machines | Contact Me Recently, I had an unexpected day off.  So I quickly seized the opportunity to crack open some long forgotten jars of linseed oil and gum turpentine in preparation for an experimental series I have in mind for an upcoming art exhibit.  Like an old song that transports you back to the time you first heardContinue reading “Little Bottled Time Machines”

Photo: Japanese Winter | Contact Me It was one of those rare springtime snowstorms.  By the following morning, nature became a strange fusion of buds, ice, songbirds and snow.  It was a perfect occasion to try out my new camera. We drove out to Oyster Bay, Long Island, and marched through the knee-deep snow at Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park.  The absenceContinue reading “Photo: Japanese Winter”

Product Review: Lowepro Fastback 250 | Contact Me SLR cameras don’t seem too heavy.  But if you’re walking around with one all day, it can start to feel like you have a millstone around your neck – especially if the camera is outfitted with a telephoto lens.Eventually, I started lugging mine around in my backpack and drawing it out when I was readyContinue reading “Product Review: Lowepro Fastback 250”