One comment on “Help Select Photos For My Next Exhibit and Get A Free Souvenir Print

  1. Wow what a great idea! There’s so much good work here it’s hard to choose. I really liked the full panoramic of the library because it gives you an idea of the airiness and breadth of the house, while showing the details like the hardwood floors and furniture (110 40/45). I would group that with any of the photos from the North Room for the same reason. I’d also go with the typewriter in the boys room because it gives you a sense of the life and values inside the house and because I’m a fan of old typewriters (211 40/62). Lastly, I’d go with the trunk from the trunk room with Roosevelt’s name on it. It gives you an idea of his stately travels. I like the pictures that are reminscent of life and lifestyle. However, you really have so many beautiful pictures that emphasize the gorgeous details of the house, like the doorknobs and locks, tiles and wallpaper. Finally, you should highlight all of the closeups that demonstrate your creative skill as a photographer using the abstracts from the drawing room, front door privacy glass and the fireplace closup. Thanks for opening up the gallery for suggestions! Buena suerte!

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