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Photo Mar 16, 3 17 52 PM
The original library entrance.

It was a thrill for me to conduct the workshop at the Mark Twain Library in Redding, Connecticut, and in the very room where the original library was housed.  In addition to Mark Twain, the community is also where famed photographers Edward Steichen and Paul Caponigro lived as well as other artists of renown.  As was the case last year at Weir Farm National Historic Site, the workshop filled very quickly and a waiting list was created.  To accommodate the demand, we decided to admit five additional participants and the waiting list was closed.

The library, which was expanded some years ago, has a beautiful cozy interior and  interesting exterior architectural features.  There are sculptures on the grounds as well as a wooded trail by a creek and a waterfall across the street.

Photo Mar 16, 10 15 52 AM.jpg
Attendees with cards announcing the release of my book Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing).  I just wanted my publisher to know that we’re all helping to promote!

As always, I’m impressed by the level of dedication from the photographers in attendance.  At least one drove over an hour within Connecticut while another was in town from Vermont.  Another returned for a refresher after having taken my workshop at Weir Farm last year.

The audience for this workshop was definitely among my most enthusiastic and engaged.  There was a lot of laughter and camaraderie.  They were a knowledgeable group with several coming from the New England Camera Club Council and bringing dSLRs.  In fact, my lips were literally chapped from responding to the many good questions that were asked — what a nice “problem” to have.

An attendee won this flexible tripod – the SquidGrip – made by Xenvo.

There was a lot of interest in the Xenvo smartphone accessories that I brought along.  These were provided to me by the manufacturer, which I have been using for the past year with much success.  The accessories include the combination wide angle/macro lens, the SquidGrip flexible tripod and the Shutterbug wireless remote shutter.  The lens and tripod were passed around to see and try out during the photo walk.

One of my framed and matted smartphone photos, printed on Red River Paper, that was exhibited.
Everyone received sample photo papers from Red River.

Red River Paper provided me with samples that I distributed to the attendees for printing their workshop photos.  I exhibited several of my smartphone photos — framed, matted and printed 17×25″ and 11×14″ — to demonstrate the excellent results one can achieve when using quality papers.  I have been using their papers for many years for my museum exhibits, photo ceramics and print sales.

Book One Cover

Although my book, Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing), will not be out until June 3, my smaller books were available.  Many took advantage of the 25% discount I offered for The Art of Phoneography:  Book One, which explains how to apply the techniques of dodging and burning, creative cropping and conversion to an artistic black and white finish using any iPhone or Android smartphone.  The booklet is available here.

I am grateful for everyone at the Mark Twain Library for hosting this successful event.  In particular, I appreciate Victoria Winslow who attended the workshop at Weir Farm and invited me to bring it to the library.  My thanks also goes to the media, particularly Richard Pheneger and Peggy Nelson for interviewing me on their State of the Arts program on WPKN 89.5 FM; and for Gwen Edwards at News 12, Janet Serra at Western Connecticut Convention and Visitors Bureau and Jean Hebert at the Connecticut Office of Tourism for announcements and articles.

Even with my hat, jacket and scarf on, I could barely coax the “paparrazi” out for the photowalk.  Photo by Rita.

Most of all I thank the attendees who were a very fun and creative group.  Take a look at some of the interesting photographs they created during the photowalk, which actually began with…me.  They took the five artistic principles I taught to heart and I became a canvas for the abstractions projected on me by my PowerPoint.  Once outside, we had a great time taking photos, getting questions answered and discussing more techniques and tips.

A wooded stream is behind us as we engage in some informal Q&A.  Photo by Rita.

So check out these creative images ordered alphabetically.  And consider this piece of advice from the great photographer Minor White, which I will paraphrase:  one should spend at least 20 minutes looking at a photograph.


Photo by Eva Gryk.
Photo by Eva Gryk.
Photo by Eva Gryk.
Xio and Eva Gryk
Eva Gryk and Xiomaro.
Photo by Jennifer.
Photo by Jennifer.
Photo by Farrol Lauermann.
My famous disappearing  hand trick.  Photo by Farrol Lauermann.
Photo by Farrol Lauermann.
Demonstrating my favorite dance move.  Photo by Farrol Lauermann.
Marie-Christine (1)
Photo by Marie-Christine.
Photo by Marie-Christine.
Photo by Marie-Christine.
Photo by Marie-Christine.
Photo by Anna Mastrolillo.
Photo by Anna Mastrolillo.
Photo by Anna Mastrolillo.
Anna Mastrolillo and Xiomaro.
Photo by Lisa Morett.
Photo by Lisa Morett.
Photo by Lisa Morett.
Xiomaro.  Photo by by Lisa Morett.
Photo by Darcey O’D.
Photo by Darcey O’D.
Photo by Darcey O’D.
Xiomaro.  Photo by Darcey O’D.
Photo by Linda Ruder.
Photo by Linda Ruder.
Photo by Linda Ruder.
Xiomaro.  Photo by Linda Ruder.
Photo by Karen Weissman.
Photo by Karen Weissman.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Phoneography | Photos from the March 16, 2019 Workshop at the Mark Twain Library, Redding, CT

  1. Thanks again for this fun and informative workshop! Love that l get to see some of the photos by other students. Well done everyone!

  2. Great to see some photos from other attendees of the Mark Twain Library workshop. Thought I’d mention that the photos of mine included a duplicate, in case you wanted to switch it out for a different image, or just delete one of the two identical pics. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Darcey O’Donoghue

    1. HI Darcey. I intended to include that nice red tinted photo you created of the trees, which I posted now. Hope to see you again at another workshop. Thanks for subscribing to follow the blog.

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