Street Photography: Weird Traffic in Times Square

© 2019

A fun aspect within street photography is looking for serendipitous moments that are unusual or humorous. Those elements synchronized yesterday as I walked through Times Square.

There is always a crush of traffic at this iconic intersection best known throughout the world for the dropping of the ball on New Year’s.

The boat was being set up as a display. For what I was uncertain, but I knew I wanted to frame the image as if it were cruising along as part of the traffic – or perhaps stuck in the congestion.

As I looked through the viewfinder to create the composition, I saw that the electronic billboard in the back was flickering quickly from one image to another.

I tried to anticipate what was coming next. I wanted to time my shot to have an interesting billboard image corresponding to the boat.

The one I wanted was an image of flames that might have made the boat to appear to be on fire. But the image came and went too quickly for me to press the shutter. Other images popped into view so I just tried my best to spot the ones I thought had potential and concentrated on reflexively taking the shot.

At the studio, I looked at three to four photographs I had and the one posted above instantly got my attention. The surprised look on her face and the direction of her wide eyes expressed my reaction when I encountered the mysterious boat on Times Square.



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Nationally exhibited artist, photographer, speaker, teacher, and curator. Author of "Weir Farm National Historic Site" (Arcadia Publishing).

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