Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen

Another shoulder-level shot taken on Eighth Avenue during last week’s heat wave. She was with a friend who suddenly bent forward in a cascade of long hair that became a distracting blur.

I thought maybe the friend had dropped something. But it’s possible that she saw me and was quickly dodging my camera. As much as I wanted them both in the shot, I decided it was best to crop away the blurry friend. You can still see a wisp of her hair along the left edge toward the bottom third of the frame.

In any case, I like the resulting candid portrait. Her hair, arm, and expression are in motion in response to her friend’s sudden action. And she was one of the few people I encountered that did not seem oppressed by the heat and humidity. She was certainly dressed for the occasion.


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Published by Xiomáro

Nationally exhibited artist, photographer, speaker, teacher, and curator. Author of "Weir Farm National Historic Site" (Arcadia Publishing).

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