Street Photography: Expression

Town squares, town greens, and other community centers have a tradition of attracting those who wish to express themselves to a large audience through which those ideas have the best chance of getting widely disseminated. Think of the political or religious street orator perched on a soapbox.

That age-old practice continues today at Times Square, perhaps the most iconic “town” center in the world. On any given day, someone is exercising their freedom of expression through their attire (or absence of any), their voices, or their signage.

It could even be as simple as sheets of paper printed from a computer and anonymously taped to any surface. In Times Square, wall space is a rare commodity as just about every vertical plane is likely to be a store window or commercial digital sign.

But one clever town crier saw an opportunity where others only saw pavement, which in itself is a creative method of communication.  And I like the embedded metallic studs, which give the impression of silver coins.

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