Street Photography: Expression

When I think of yesterday’s photograph in the context of the image above, it reminds me of the Newtonian law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  I was not sure if the sign was meant to be tongue in cheek. Is there really an organized political constituency of witches?

Various mainstream media outlets have a presence at Times Square. But a sign at a street protest can redirect attention to something that was covered, but got overshadowed by headlines involving sex, lies, and videotape… and much more.

An internet search for “Witches Against Trump” produces some interesting headlines that I somehow missed while catching my breath to keep up with news about North Korean missile launches, Russian electoral interference, climate change denial, and other existential issues.

In this era of hyper-political correctness, it makes complete sense for CNN to report that witches are flying off the broomstick handle over the president’s constant use of the phrase “witch hunt” in describing the Mueller investigation. Another news source claims that each month thousands of Wiccans cast a “binding” spell on Trump to limit his power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm.”

So there we have it. The political polarization is more than Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, culture warriors, social progressives, and the like. It’s also a spiritual battle where resistance witches are casting hexes against Trump while Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Christian Right are lifting the president up in prayers.

Judging by the present state of affairs, it appears that the witches are losing.

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