Street Photography: Feels Good


I don’t know if he is her caregiver, works for the Port Authority – where this photograph was taken – or if he is a good Samaritan.  In any case, it was a nice scene to encounter and I had to get a shot of it.  I especially like how he is stooping over to check on her and the path they are taking in the crowded street.  In the background, the posture is echoed by a man wearing a white shirt.

I remember a time when New York City was a lot rougher place to live and work in.  The Port Authority area, in particular, was kind of seedy.  Starting during the mid-1990s,  I noticed the city became cleaner and safer.  The streets also became more crowded as tourists from around the country and around the world starting visiting in higher numbers.

After the city started slowly recovering from 9-11, the feel of the streets improved even further – or so it seemed to me.  Of course, there are still problems as one can expect when you have over 8½ million people in a confined geographical area with a variety of ethnicities, languages, cultures, and educational levels.  Despite the city’s fast pace and energy, however, there are moments when things slow down and a scene that looks like it could have jumped out of a Norman Rockwell illustration comes alive.

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