Street Photography: Broadway

It was a nice moment of this family huddled around the smartphone looking at what I presume is a photograph. Perhaps it’s of a snapshot the mother just got done taking of the baby in the stroller. I’m not sure. I was walking past, noticed the scene, paused briefly, created the photograph, and kept on walking. The boy in the rear was not part of the huddle and, as a result, saw what I was doing with a knowing smile.

What also drew my attention was the shape they formed. Its triangularity reminds me of those I’ve seen in many paintings. In Oath of the Horatii (1784) by Jacques-Louis David, there are two women off to the right that form a triangle that sympathetically refers back to the triangles formed by the stances of the men on the left. Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper (circa 1490) features the apostles in triangular groupings as well.

There is also a line that curves to form a reverse “C” shape. Starting at the small of the mother’s back, one can travel along that line to her eyebrow, the middle boy’s mouth, and then the next boy’s eyebrow and down along the stripes on his sleeve and continuing down his arm.

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