Street Photography: Times Square

This is one of those photographs where, for me, it’s both about the subject and the forms they create. It was a good jazz band and the two musicians here anchored the songs as a cohesive rhythm section.

I also like the interplay of various elements. The musicians and their instruments form a dark shape in contrast to the light shape above them. The bass fingerboard cuts across at an angle in contrast to the horizontal and vertical lines in the rear, and the vertical line of the cymbal stand. Other angles include the bassist’s arm and the brim of his hat. All of these hard edges are offset by the family of ovals on the bottom right: the ride cymbal, the two drum heads, and the curve of the bass bridge.

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Published by Xiomáro

Nationally exhibited artist, photographer, speaker, teacher, and curator. Author of "Weir Farm National Historic Site" (Arcadia Publishing).

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