Street Photography: Broadway

I was drawn to photograph this on many levels. For one…what the heck went on here?! Did someone steal the rest of the bike and leave the chained wheel behind? Or did the owner take the bike and, for reasons unknown, left behind the prized wheel under lock and chain?

Or perhaps it’s the work of a mischievous artist making a statement of some kind? I don’t know. But I do see a sparse modern beauty to the circular shapes – one wheel is secured by a chained loop to another wheel. Even the curve of the bicycle tire is mirrored in the curve of the puddle on the upper right.

Curves have been used in art to suggest serenity and softness. You see them in cathedral windows and arches, in images of female nudes, and in other fluid depictions. In this photograph, the curves are counterpoints to elements that are the opposite. Elements that are not thought of as being serene or soft.

So like a giant clam with its shells wide open, the wheels form right angles. And these hard angles are against a backdrop of concrete sidewalk. Moreover, just as the puddle mirrors the tire’s curve, the concrete blocks of the curb form right angles that echo those of the giant clam.

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Published by Xiomáro

Nationally exhibited artist, photographer, speaker, teacher, and curator. Author of "Weir Farm National Historic Site" (Arcadia Publishing).

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