Portrait of a Father

His son Joaquin, was murdered last year. On Valentine’s Day. Only 17 years old. So, too, was another student. And another. And another. And another… 17 students and staff members in total, all at one time. It took 9 minutes for Joaquin Oliver and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to become part of a darkContinue reading “Portrait of a Father”

Throwback: Father’s Day

© 2019 Xiomaro.com This Polaroid was taken a long time ago before I was a father — taken by my own dad actually. It was in the small basement of our small house in Queens, New York, where I spent most of my non high school time playing my instruments, writing music, and recording. MyContinue reading “Throwback: Father’s Day”

Street Photography: Hair on Times Square

© 2019 Xiomaro.com Even jaded seen-it-all New Yorkers will look my way as I walk by with my long hair freed from its elastic tie. It flows and practically invades other people’s personal spaces. But this lady has me beat. At first I thought she was a new entertainer at Times Square wearing a wig.Continue reading “Street Photography: Hair on Times Square”