Street Photography: 32nd Street

Some time ago I read a quote from Garry Winogrand (1928-1984). He explained, “I photograph to see what something will look like photographed.” There are many images I create that don’t have any particular meaning or are lacking of any specific statement or symbolism. They are just moments with random elements that intrigue me. And,Continue reading “Street Photography: 32nd Street”

Street Photography: Happy Accidents

Again, I decided to vary my route and avoid my usual trek through Times Square. Eighth Avenue has a very different feel. Less spiffy and touristy. More raw and New York. I also changed the way I photograph. I held the camera up to my chest and – without looking through the viewfinder – pointedContinue reading “Street Photography: Happy Accidents”

Street Photography: Happy Accidents

I saw this billboard and I liked how the model has her hands over her heart and is looking off frame with the look of love. I stood on the corner for a while hoping someone would walk by within the scope of her gaze. When this fellow came by, I only had time toContinue reading “Street Photography: Happy Accidents”

Street Photography: Orange You Glad for Times Square?

I know that I’m glad for Times Square. There is always something or someone of interest. I like how this fellow was just relaxing by the railing letting it all hang out. He is definitely comfortable in his own skin. What really caught my attention was the bright orange robe in contrast with his skinContinue reading “Street Photography: Orange You Glad for Times Square?”

Street Photography: Weird Traffic in Times Square

A fun aspect within street photography is looking for serendipitous moments that are unusual or humorous. Those elements synchronized yesterday as I walked through Times Square. There is always a crush of traffic at this iconic intersection best known throughout the world for the dropping of the ball on New Year’s. The boat was beingContinue reading “Street Photography: Weird Traffic in Times Square”