Portrait of a Father

His son Joaquin, was murdered last year. On Valentine’s Day. Only 17 years old. So, too, was another student. And another. And another. And another… 17 students and staff members in total, all at one time. It took 9 minutes for Joaquin Oliver and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to became part of a darkContinue reading “Portrait of a Father”

Street Photography: The Drama of Light

There are many elements that come together to create a composition. One of those elements is light and, sometimes, it is enough on its own to take center stage. I was walking down 51st Street toward 7th Avenue in New York City when this shaft of late afternoon light transformed an unremarkable side street intoContinue reading “Street Photography: The Drama of Light”

Street Photography: The High Line

© 2019 Xiomaro.com I love encountering what I like to call “free Photoshop” opportunities. By shifting my position, I found a variety of interesting distortions of the building behind me. It was as if I was changing software settings in a live public space. Further, the colors, geometric shapes, and the lettering reminded me ofContinue reading “Street Photography: The High Line”

Street Photography: Times Square

© 2019 Xiomaro.com Talk about fake news. How about a fake Trump? I get an interesting variety of reactions from a photograph like this. Many will like or not like the photograph along predictable partisan lines. A few are able to temporarily suspend their ideology and see the humor, the composition, the interplay of color,Continue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”