Street Photography: The Colors of Sixth Avenue

Several of my recent posts where about photographs that involved the juxtaposition of messages appearing on various signs.  Other posts were about the psychology expressed through the eyes and other body language.  Going back further, there are photographs that are all about the shapes formed by architecture and lighting. With this photograph, my eye wasContinue reading “Street Photography: The Colors of Sixth Avenue”

Street Photography: Hare Krishna

I heard it before I saw it. A cacophony of percussion, organ, accordion, and loud chants. As I cut through the dense crowd, the Hare Krishnas leapt and shouted past me with joyful abandon. But I caught a glimpse of a contrasting figure that I wanted to photograph when he circled back in my direction.Continue reading “Street Photography: Hare Krishna”

Street Photography: Orange You Glad for Times Square?

I know that I’m glad for Times Square. There is always something or someone of interest. I like how this fellow was just relaxing by the railing letting it all hang out. He is definitely comfortable in his own skin. What really caught my attention was the bright orange robe in contrast with his skinContinue reading “Street Photography: Orange You Glad for Times Square?”