Street Photography: What’s Going On?

I have written in the past about how I like ambiguity in some photographs. It gives the viewer an opportunity to feel vested in the image by making it their own. They are free to interpret what is going on to suit whatever narrative they choose. Abstract art and lyrics to certain songs can beContinue reading “Street Photography: What’s Going On?”

Street Photography: Back to Work

It was good to take a break, but here we are. Back to work, back to school, back to the rush. The days will be getting cooler and shorter. Leaves will change from green to red, orange, and gold. Before long, we are on our way to the holiday season. It seemed like the summerContinue reading “Street Photography: Back to Work”

The Art of Phoneography: Photos from the June 16, 2018 Inaugural Workshop | Contact As announced here, The Art of Phoneography is a free workshop I designed and Weir Farm’s first one ever on photography.  I did not realize I would touch a nerve in the public with my idea about teaching how to see like an artist in order to take better smartphone photographs.  This first workshopContinue reading “The Art of Phoneography: Photos from the June 16, 2018 Inaugural Workshop”