Theodore Roosevelt’s “Unseen” Summer White House: A Fine Art Photographic Exhibit | Contact Over 40 large color photographs, created by Long Island artist Xiomáro, will be on display at the historic Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building in Mineola, Long Island, October 13-23, 2015.  The exhibit, Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill:  The “Unseen” Summer White House, shows the interiors in a historically rare condition:  the 23 rooms ofContinue reading “Theodore Roosevelt’s “Unseen” Summer White House: A Fine Art Photographic Exhibit”

Cuba, Commerce and Cannibals | Contact My father passed on a couple of old photos he received from a member of his family.  They are severely scratched, scuffed, dirty and faded with ink marks and portions missing.  I’m glad I was able to restore them as I only had low resolution pdf files to work with, which is not theContinue reading “Cuba, Commerce and Cannibals”

From Cheese Balls and Jawbones to Congaheads

Photo Site of The Month:  Martin Cohen | Contact Me Lucky us.  The Grammy Awards will be staged this month.  Rap stars who are more money-oriented than the Republicans they despise, “Auto-tuned” divas, post-Punk poseurs and other vapid characters will be feted for their contributions to the slurry of contemporary pop music. I don’t mean to makeContinue reading “From Cheese Balls and Jawbones to Congaheads”