One Shot Challenge: The “Best” Camera

© 2019 These days I usually photograph with a small camera having dedicated knobs – rather than software menus – for aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and aspect ratio. But the lens could not focus close enough to the moth resting on the translucent paper that covers the sliding lattice doors of a tea house.Continue reading “One Shot Challenge: The “Best” Camera”

One Shot Challenge: Another Attempt

© 2019 In my last blog post I explored reasons for limiting oneself to taking only one shot. Although I was satisfied with the first shot of the rain chain, I went on to take a few additional photographs that did not measure up as well to the first. Although I did not adhereContinue reading “One Shot Challenge: Another Attempt”

One Shot Challenge: Japanese Rain Chain

© 2019 In the days of film, it might have been appropriate to alter the sound of the shutter to the ka-ching of a cash register. Intentionality was required as the film and its development cost money. And you were limited to 24 or 36 shots after which the film had to be unloadedContinue reading “One Shot Challenge: Japanese Rain Chain”

Women’s Rights National Historical Park Memorializes a Founding Father’s Slaves | Contact Women’s Rights National Historical Park presents the solo exhibition The Other Side – Charles, Caesar, Harry, Sam, Pompey, Lon, and Isaac, a series of photographs by New York artist Xiomáro.  The 12 large prints will be on view from July 1 to August 31, 2019 at the Visitor Center’s gallery on the second floor. TheContinue reading “Women’s Rights National Historical Park Memorializes a Founding Father’s Slaves”

Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think

© 2019 I recently photographed the British ska-punk band The Specials, which is one of my all-time favorites. With the experience still fresh in my mind, I’ve been casually listening to some of their songs again. One that I have not heard in a long time is a cover of a song popularized byContinue reading “Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think”

Street Photography: Perspective

© 2019 Sometimes things don’t appear as they are. These two musicians were part of a band of Brooklyn hipsters playing ditties from the 1920s. They played very well and I took several photographs of them in action. Now as a musician myself, I can attest that we tend to like loud volumes. TheContinue reading “Street Photography: Perspective”

Street Photography: Caught Looking

© 2019 I have a small camera and I’m pretty stealthy in getting my shots. But sooner or later, everyone gets caught. It was not until after I viewed the photograph in my studio that I realized he was looking straight at me. And, thinking back at the occasion, I know why. I wasContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Throwback: Father’s Day

© 2019 This Polaroid was taken a long time ago before I was a father — taken by my own dad actually. It was in the small basement of our small house in Queens, New York, where I spent most of my non high school time playing my instruments, writing music, and recording. MyContinue reading “Throwback: Father’s Day”

Street Photography: Workin’ it on Times Square.

© 2019 Like a hobo jumping on a boxcar to nowhere, I sometimes will take photographs of models and actors posing for commercial shoots staged on Times Square. I have no idea what the ads or commercials are about or what they’re for. This model was working the platform for the photographer in front.Continue reading “Street Photography: Workin’ it on Times Square.”

Street Photography: Illusions

© 2019 Fire trucks, police cars, and other emergency vehicles are part of the scenery at Times Square. They are so ubiquitous that I hardly notice them. But not this time. As I was about to cross the street something about the fire truck caught my eye. “Who the heck is in there?” ItContinue reading “Street Photography: Illusions”