Street Photography: Lower Manhattan

Paul McCartney sang “I’ve just seen a face, I can’t forget the time or place.” For me, that lyric is embodied in this candid portrait. It’s all about the face. I see kindness, sincerity, and total attention to the subject of her peaceful gaze. It’s the calm, caring, trusting, and gentle expression I would wantContinue reading “Street Photography: Lower Manhattan”

Street Photography: Icons of New York

After photographing the Presbyterian Church and the gate detail of the Harry Winston jewelry store – both on Fifth Avenue and described in the last two posts – I walked down and took a side street. There were brownstones that seemed to be of mixed use – business and residential. One brownstone, at 13 WestContinue reading “Street Photography: Icons of New York”

Street Photography: Illusions

© 2019 Fire trucks, police cars, and other emergency vehicles are part of the scenery at Times Square. They are so ubiquitous that I hardly notice them. But not this time. As I was about to cross the street something about the fire truck caught my eye. “Who the heck is in there?” ItContinue reading “Street Photography: Illusions”

Street Photography: White Hat

© 2019 In my June 10 post, I mentioned how I have been working on improving my reflex to take the shot. One of the things I’ve been doing is holding the camera at my shoulder. This way, I have shortened the time it takes to bring the viewfinder to my eye. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “Street Photography: White Hat”

Street Photography: Weird Traffic in Times Square

A fun aspect within street photography is looking for serendipitous moments that are unusual or humorous. Those elements synchronized yesterday as I walked through Times Square. There is always a crush of traffic at this iconic intersection best known throughout the world for the dropping of the ball on New Year’s. The boat was beingContinue reading “Street Photography: Weird Traffic in Times Square”