Street Photography: Times Square

In addition to my fascination with hair, as described in yesterday’s post, I am also drawn to interesting clothes. This was a very colorful bunch. It was an overcast day, which made the colors pack an extra punch. These are the sort of photographs that I like to think of as “future history.” Twenty orContinue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”

Street Photography: White Hat

© 2019 In my June 10 post, I mentioned how I have been working on improving my reflex to take the shot. One of the things I’ve been doing is holding the camera at my shoulder. This way, I have shortened the time it takes to bring the viewfinder to my eye. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “Street Photography: White Hat”

Street Photography: Hair on Times Square

© 2019 Even jaded seen-it-all New Yorkers will look my way as I walk by with my long hair freed from its elastic tie. It flows and practically invades other people’s personal spaces. But this lady has me beat. At first I thought she was a new entertainer at Times Square wearing a wig.Continue reading “Street Photography: Hair on Times Square”