Street Photography: Broadway

Hair. What a great thing it is. There is so much one can do with it. They come in many colors – natural and dyed – shapes, sizes, heights, lengths, textures, densities, styles, and more. I’ve noticed that I have many street photographs of people with interesting hair. I suppose I have cultivated a fascinationContinue reading “Street Photography: Broadway”

Street Photography: Caught Looking

Parliament Funkadelic. That was what I thought of when I saw the fellow on the right and decided to take the photograph. Or did I take the photograph because of the coziness I felt from the coffee shop? I no longer remember even though I created the image less than a month ago. And myContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Street Photography: New York Attitude

When I get a commission from the National Park Service to create a collection around a historic house or a preserved landscape, I am photographing an interior or exterior environment where rooms, furnishings, trees, and rocks are stationary.  The variables might be the lighting, the season, and the weather.  I am also a variable asContinue reading “Street Photography: New York Attitude”

Street Photography: Avenue of the Americas

I was a half block away when I saw her starting to cross the street. So I timed the pace of my stride to try to get close enough for a photograph. I also liked the expressionistic reflections on the street projected by the glass corporate towers that line the Avenue of the Americas inContinue reading “Street Photography: Avenue of the Americas”

Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen

Another shoulder-level shot taken on Eighth Avenue during last week’s heat wave. She was with a friend who suddenly bent forward in a cascade of long hair that became a distracting blur. I thought maybe the friend had dropped something. But it’s possible that she saw me and was quickly dodging my camera. As muchContinue reading “Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen”

Street Photography: Heat on the Street

The oppressiveness of the heat wave and high humidity in New York City last week was evident in many of the faces I encountered along Eighth Avenue. I could see it in the eyes. They were looking off into space focused on nothing in particular. And the eyes tended to look downward as if inContinue reading “Street Photography: Heat on the Street”

Street Photography: Happy Accidents

Again, I decided to vary my route and avoid my usual trek through Times Square. Eighth Avenue has a very different feel. Less spiffy and touristy. More raw and New York. I also changed the way I photograph. I held the camera up to my chest and – without looking through the viewfinder – pointedContinue reading “Street Photography: Happy Accidents”

Street Photography: Hair on Times Square

© 2019 Even jaded seen-it-all New Yorkers will look my way as I walk by with my long hair freed from its elastic tie. It flows and practically invades other people’s personal spaces. But this lady has me beat. At first I thought she was a new entertainer at Times Square wearing a wig.Continue reading “Street Photography: Hair on Times Square”