Street Photography: Times Square

I first saw Anthony last year. He was wandering about in Times Square holding a sign and hollering about some dispute he was having with his landlord. I was running late to catch my train at Penn Station. And, as he was turning to walk in the opposite direction, I did not have time toContinue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”

Street Photography: White Hat

© 2019 In my June 10 post, I mentioned how I have been working on improving my reflex to take the shot. One of the things I’ve been doing is holding the camera at my shoulder. This way, I have shortened the time it takes to bring the viewfinder to my eye. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “Street Photography: White Hat”

Street Photography: Hare Krishna

I heard it before I saw it. A cacophony of percussion, organ, accordion, and loud chants. As I cut through the dense crowd, the Hare Krishnas leapt and shouted past me with joyful abandon. But I caught a glimpse of a contrasting figure that I wanted to photograph when he circled back in my direction.Continue reading “Street Photography: Hare Krishna”