Street Photography: “Fuhgeddaboudit”

It’s been a busy week. I had a corporate photo shoot, workshops at National Parks in two states, and the launch of a Facebook group for workshop attendees. I continued to photograph on the streets almost every day, but writing the blog had to take a backseat to these other commitments. It was fun toContinue reading “Street Photography: “Fuhgeddaboudit””

Street Photography: Times Square

This is one of those photographs where, for me, it’s both about the subject and the forms they create. It was a good jazz band and the two musicians here anchored the songs as a cohesive rhythm section. I also like the interplay of various elements. The musicians and their instruments form a dark shapeContinue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”

Street Photography: For No Reason At All

It’s interesting to write about photographs. Many times I have a lot to say and the prose flows. I actually have to edit myself heavily from making the posts too long for today’s short attention spans. There are other days when I’d rather go back to what I use to do. Just post the photoContinue reading “Street Photography: For No Reason At All”

Street Photography: Even More Shapes and Shadows

…but this time, unlike the photographs in my previous posts, these have a whole different feel. Rather than being stark and angular, these are soft and curvy. It’s a completely different quality of light. It’s all reflected from the glass of the surrounding buildings. The visual effect on the sidewalk is apparent but, when theContinue reading “Street Photography: Even More Shapes and Shadows”

Street Photography: Inspirations

There was something about the photograph in yesterday’s post (see below) that stirred up recollections of other images. Luke Delalio, a long time friend who is talented in photography and many other artistic disciplines, mused that the photograph reminded him of an image by Alfred Stieglitz. He was close. The photograph he was thinking aboutContinue reading “Street Photography: Inspirations”

Street Photography: More Shapes and Shadows

This photograph was taken at the same location and time as those I described in a previous post. Before, I was on 51st Street looking toward the Avenue of the Americas. Now I’m looking down along 51st. Just turning around results in a completely different image and, yet, its composition still maintains the same theme.Continue reading “Street Photography: More Shapes and Shadows”

Street Photography: Shapes and Shadows

© 2019 These shapes are certainly not soft and languorous as in yesterday’s photograph in the Japanese stroll garden. But, to me, their angularity, hard edges, and high contrast convey what I feel when I am walking in New York City. That pure white triangular shape juts forward like a weapon with an impliedContinue reading “Street Photography: Shapes and Shadows”

Street Photography: The Drama of Light

There are many elements that come together to create a composition. One of those elements is light and, sometimes, it is enough on its own to take center stage. I was walking down 51st Street toward 7th Avenue in New York City when this shaft of late afternoon light transformed an unremarkable side street intoContinue reading “Street Photography: The Drama of Light”

The Art of Phoneography | Photos from the May 26, 2019 Workshop at Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT | Contact I began these workshops at Weir Farm last year and they very well received.  Beginner’s luck?  This time around, I did not do any media promotions.  So I was pleased that the workshop filled faster than ever.  Again, there were attendees that traveled a long way. One of the things that I found particularlyContinue reading “The Art of Phoneography | Photos from the May 26, 2019 Workshop at Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT”

The Art of Phoneography | Photos from the March 16, 2019 Workshop at the Mark Twain Library, Redding, CT | Contact It was a thrill for me to conduct the workshop at the Mark Twain Library in Redding, Connecticut, and in the very room where the original library was housed.  In addition to Mark Twain, the community is also where famed photographers Edward Steichen and Paul Caponigro lived as well as other artists of renown. Continue reading “The Art of Phoneography | Photos from the March 16, 2019 Workshop at the Mark Twain Library, Redding, CT”