Street Photography: Caught Looking

Parliament Funkadelic. That was what I thought of when I saw the fellow on the right and decided to take the photograph. Or did I take the photograph because of the coziness I felt from the coffee shop? I no longer remember even though I created the image less than a month ago. And myContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Street Photography: New York Attitude

When I get a commission from the National Park Service to create a collection around a historic house or a preserved landscape, I am photographing an interior or exterior environment where rooms, furnishings, trees, and rocks are stationary.  The variables might be the lighting, the season, and the weather.  I am also a variable asContinue reading “Street Photography: New York Attitude”

Photographs Illustrating New Book About Weir Farm on Exhibit at Mark Twain Library | Contact To celebrate the new book, Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing), a select number of the photographs showcasing the park are on view now until July 31, 2019 at the Mark Twain Library in Redding. The photographs were created by the book’s author, Xiomaro, who is the Visiting Artist at Weir Farm and an alumnusContinue reading “Photographs Illustrating New Book About Weir Farm on Exhibit at Mark Twain Library”