Snowy Zig Zag

The 215 miles of the New England National Scenic Trail (NET) wind through 41 communities in Connecticut and Massachusetts. For the commission, it was suggested that I also photograph off the trail for context on its proximity to urban areas. At the Farmington Valley, one need only drive 15 minutes from the trail before arrivingContinue reading “Snowy Zig Zag”

From the Frederick Law Olmsted Collection

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) began in 1857 with the design of Central Park in New York City and went on to become the founder of American landscape architecture. The thousands of landscapes he designed include many of the world’s most important parks such as Prospect Park in Brooklyn; the Emerald Necklace in Boston; the BiltmoreContinue reading “From the Frederick Law Olmsted Collection”

Photographs Illustrating New Book About Weir Farm on Exhibit at Mark Twain Library | Contact To celebrate the new book, Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing), a select number of the photographs showcasing the park are on view now until July 31, 2019 at the Mark Twain Library in Redding. The photographs were created by the book’s author, Xiomaro, who is the Visiting Artist at Weir Farm and an alumnusContinue reading “Photographs Illustrating New Book About Weir Farm on Exhibit at Mark Twain Library”