Street Photography: Broadway

It was a nice moment of this family huddled around the smartphone looking at what I presume is a photograph. Perhaps it’s of a snapshot the mother just got done taking of the baby in the stroller. I’m not sure. I was walking past, noticed the scene, paused briefly, created the photograph, and kept onContinue reading “Street Photography: Broadway”

Street Photography: Seventh Avenue

I often photograph people. It means scanning the streets before me, sweeping my gaze from side to side, and looking ahead as far down the block as possible to anticipate who may be approaching me. There’s also a lot to see above everyone’s heads. It might be a potential “portrait” of a skyscraper or aContinue reading “Street Photography: Seventh Avenue”

Street Photography: Blurry Mode Again

Yes, it’s time for me to bring on the blur. I get tired of shooting a certain way and then go with slow exposures for the challenge of creating something interesting. This was photographed at Penn Station in New York City during the rush hour. As soon as a track is announced for a train,Continue reading “Street Photography: Blurry Mode Again”

Street Photography: What’s Going On?

I have written in the past about how I like ambiguity in some photographs. It gives the viewer an opportunity to feel vested in the image by making it their own. They are free to interpret what is going on to suit whatever narrative they choose. Abstract art and lyrics to certain songs can beContinue reading “Street Photography: What’s Going On?”

Street Photography: Back to Work

It was good to take a break, but here we are. Back to work, back to school, back to the rush. The days will be getting cooler and shorter. Leaves will change from green to red, orange, and gold. Before long, we are on our way to the holiday season. It seemed like the summerContinue reading “Street Photography: Back to Work”

Street Photography: Caught Looking

Much of my commissioned works for the National Park Service are artistic photographic collections of historical homes and workplaces. Some of the sites include General George Washington’s headquarters in New Jersey, President Theodore Roosevelt’s summer White House on Long Island, and the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s home in Massachusetts. Recently, Arcadia Publishing released a bookContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Street Photography: Caught Looking

I have no idea what was going on here. All I know is that I was particularly alert that day. I saw the gesture as it was happening and managed to fire off a shot to capture the expression of the central figure. It’s like that sometimes. I get in the mood and I feelContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Street Photography: Caught Looking

Parliament Funkadelic. That was what I thought of when I saw the fellow on the right and decided to take the photograph. Or did I take the photograph because of the coziness I felt from the coffee shop? I no longer remember even though I created the image less than a month ago. And myContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Street Photography: Slow Catches Fast

New York is fast.  And for that reason, I can almost always pick out who the tourists are.  They tend to amble along impeding the natives who are speedwalking to make their appointments or to catch a train, bus, or taxicab.  Perhaps this businessman had the right idea in avoiding the sidewalk altogether and takingContinue reading “Street Photography: Slow Catches Fast”

Street Photography: The Colors of Sixth Avenue

Several of my recent posts where about photographs that involved the juxtaposition of messages appearing on various signs.  Other posts were about the psychology expressed through the eyes and other body language.  Going back further, there are photographs that are all about the shapes formed by architecture and lighting. With this photograph, my eye wasContinue reading “Street Photography: The Colors of Sixth Avenue”