Old Mastic House

April 13 marks the birth of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826). He was a Founding Father, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the owner of Monticello, a southern plantation worked by slaves. There are, of course, many other aspects of his life that have made him a complex historical figure. Up north, thereContinue reading “Old Mastic House”

From the Boston Harbor Islands Collection

The 39 acres of Georges Island is just over seven miles from Boston and the site of Fort Warren, a National Historic Landmark dating back to 1847. The fort remained in use for 100 years, including service as a Civil War prison where it held Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens. The site is partContinue reading “From the Boston Harbor Islands Collection”

From the Washington’s Headquarters Collection

The Ford Mansion at Sunrise Another iconic president with strong ties to a home is George Washington. The Ford Mansion in New Jersey was his military headquarters during the winter encampment of 1779-80. It is now the site of Morristown National Historical Park. I was very motivated to create this photograph. As a night-person, itContinue reading “From the Washington’s Headquarters Collection”

From the Sagamore Hill Collection

On January 6, 1919, Theodore Roosevelt passed away. The day before, he uttered these wistful words to his spouse, Edith: “I wonder if you will ever know how I love Sagamore Hill.” His home and summer White House – Sagamore Hill – features a large portrait of the 26th president from back when he wasContinue reading “From the Sagamore Hill Collection”

From the New York City Collection

Recently, I was back in Greenwich Village. It’s where I went to law school at New York University. Walking along Broadway, I came across this empty storefront, which signaled that the tradition of artsy protest was alive and well in this iconic neighborhood. Ironically, someone – an NYU student most likely – scrawled “No MoreContinue reading “From the New York City Collection”

Street Photography: Colour My World

I’m not a purist. I’m fine with black and white and with color. To me, they’re all just options and which one I choose will depend on what best serves what I’m feeling about the scene being photographed. I’m a life-long New Yorker and grew up at a time when the city was a placeContinue reading “Street Photography: Colour My World”

Portrait of a Father

His son Joaquin, was murdered last year. On Valentine’s Day. Only 17 years old. So, too, was another student. And another. And another. And another… 17 students and staff members in total, all at one time. It took 9 minutes for Joaquin Oliver and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to become part of a darkContinue reading “Portrait of a Father”

Street Photography: Times Square

© 2019 Xiomaro.com Talk about fake news. How about a fake Trump? I get an interesting variety of reactions from a photograph like this. Many will like or not like the photograph along predictable partisan lines. A few are able to temporarily suspend their ideology and see the humor, the composition, the interplay of color,Continue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”

Fire Island’s Centennial Art Exhibit Features National Park Photographs by Xiomaro

http://www.xiomaro.com | Contact Photographs created by Long Island artist Xiomáro have been selected by the National Park Service for their Centennial Art Exhibit at the Patchogue Ferry Terminal gallery space, which welcomes visitors as they embark on their journey to Fire Island.  The exhibit is open now through September 5, 2016 with a free reception open toContinue reading “Fire Island’s Centennial Art Exhibit Features National Park Photographs by Xiomaro”

Xiomáro’s Photography Exhibition at Oyster Bay Historical Society Memorializes William Floyd’s Slaves

http://www.xiomaro.com | Contact The Oyster Bay Historical Society‘s 2015 season opens with the exhibition of The Other Side – Charles, Caesar, Harry, Sam, Pompey, Lon and Isaac, a photographic collection by New York artist Xiomáro (SEE-oh-MAH-ro).  The collection of twenty-nine photographs will be on view from January 11 to March 29, 2015. The Other Side looks at theContinue reading “Xiomáro’s Photography Exhibition at Oyster Bay Historical Society Memorializes William Floyd’s Slaves”