Portrait of a Father

His son Joaquin, was murdered last year. On Valentine’s Day. Only 17 years old. So, too, was another student. And another. And another. And another… 17 students and staff members in total, all at one time. It took 9 minutes for Joaquin Oliver and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to become part of a darkContinue reading “Portrait of a Father”

Oingo Boingo

Back in the 1980s, one of my favorite bands was Oingo Boingo, a quirky alt-rock outfit from Los Angeles. I first saw them on the short-lived comedy show Fridays. Other new talents on that program included Larry David and Michael Richards, better known for Seinfeld. Thanks to Arthur Field, who I befriended after my bandContinue reading “Oingo Boingo”

Father-Daughter Art Exhibited Posthumously to Raise Awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder

http://www.xiomaro.com | Contact New York, NY – Fountain House Gallery hosts “Empowered to Create,” a fine art group exhibit and auction in New York City presented by the advocacy group, Emotions Matter, Inc., which includes a photograph by New York artist Xiomáro together with the posthumous display of a painting by his daughter.  The one-day art show andContinue reading “Father-Daughter Art Exhibited Posthumously to Raise Awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder”

From Cheese Balls and Jawbones to Congaheads

Photo Site of The Month:  Martin Cohen http://www.xiomaro.com | Contact Me Lucky us.  The Grammy Awards will be staged this month.  Rap stars who are more money-oriented than the Republicans they despise, “Auto-tuned” divas, post-Punk poseurs and other vapid characters will be feted for their contributions to the slurry of contemporary pop music. I don’t mean to makeContinue reading “From Cheese Balls and Jawbones to Congaheads”