Street Photography: Avenue of the Americas

I was a half block away when I saw her starting to cross the street. So I timed the pace of my stride to try to get close enough for a photograph. I also liked the expressionistic reflections on the street projected by the glass corporate towers that line the Avenue of the Americas inContinue reading “Street Photography: Avenue of the Americas”

Street Photography: Illusions

© 2019 Fire trucks, police cars, and other emergency vehicles are part of the scenery at Times Square. They are so ubiquitous that I hardly notice them. But not this time. As I was about to cross the street something about the fire truck caught my eye. “Who the heck is in there?” ItContinue reading “Street Photography: Illusions”

Street Photography: The High Line

© 2019 I love encountering what I like to call “free Photoshop” opportunities. By shifting my position, I found a variety of interesting distortions of the building behind me. It was as if I was changing software settings in a live public space. Further, the colors, geometric shapes, and the lettering reminded me ofContinue reading “Street Photography: The High Line”