Street Photography: Still Looking Up

If you read yesterday’s post, then you’ll know about how I’ve been working at creating different kinds of photographs of familiar buildings by looking for architectural details above my head that may otherwise go unnoticed. You’ll also know about a particular building in Greenwich Village featuring an emblem of a seahorse above its doorway. ThatContinue reading “Street Photography: Still Looking Up”

Street Photography: Looking Up

I was near Stonewall National Monument in Greenwich Village. I lived in the Village during law school when the neighborhood’s artsy bona fides were still vibrant and less corporate than it is now. There is a building with its entrance right on the corner of West 4th Street and Grove Street. I’ve walked past manyContinue reading “Street Photography: Looking Up”

Street Photography: Icons of New York

After photographing the Presbyterian Church and the gate detail of the Harry Winston jewelry store – both on Fifth Avenue and described in the last two posts – I walked down and took a side street. There were brownstones that seemed to be of mixed use – business and residential. One brownstone, at 13 WestContinue reading “Street Photography: Icons of New York”

Photo Ceramics by Xiomáro on Exhibit at Weir Farm National Historic Site | Contact Connecticut’s Weir Farm National Historic Site will open its 2017 season with the debut exhibition “Photo Ceramics by Xiomáro:  An Homage to J. Alden Weir and the Tile Club,” a collection of photographs fused on black ceramic tiles by the park’s Visiting Artist, Xiomáro.  The collection of 23 photo ceramics will be on viewContinue reading “Photo Ceramics by Xiomáro on Exhibit at Weir Farm National Historic Site”

Xiomaro’s “Weir Farm – Restored” Photographic Exhibit at the Connecticut State Capitol | Contact The Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford presents “Weir Farm – Restored,” a solo photographic exhibit by Xiomaro, on view October 3 to November 30, 2016, revealing the dramatic before-and-after restoration of artist Julian Alden Weir’s house and painting studio at Weir Farm National Historic Site.  The exhibit also celebrates the Centennial of the National ParkContinue reading “Xiomaro’s “Weir Farm – Restored” Photographic Exhibit at the Connecticut State Capitol”