Street Photography: Looking Down

A while ago I was reading up on San Francisco in anticipation of a visit I was making to the city. I read about how it is one of the most populous US cities and other statistical facts. What caught my attention though was that the city was dealing with a chronic problem of humanContinue reading “Street Photography: Looking Down”

Street Photography: Times Square

I first saw Anthony last year. He was wandering about in Times Square holding a sign and hollering about some dispute he was having with his landlord. I was running late to catch my train at Penn Station. And, as he was turning to walk in the opposite direction, I did not have time toContinue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”

Street Photography: Seventh Avenue

I often photograph people. It means scanning the streets before me, sweeping my gaze from side to side, and looking ahead as far down the block as possible to anticipate who may be approaching me. There’s also a lot to see above everyone’s heads. It might be a potential “portrait” of a skyscraper or aContinue reading “Street Photography: Seventh Avenue”

Street Photography: Expression

Town squares, town greens, and other community centers have a tradition of attracting those who wish to express themselves to a large audience through which those ideas have the best chance of getting widely disseminated. Think of the political or religious street orator perched on a soapbox. That age-old practice continues today at Times Square,Continue reading “Street Photography: Expression”

Street Photography: Heat on the Street

I passed by him on Eighth Avenue, but could not get a good shot of his face until I tried again the following afternoon. As in the other photographs I posted over the past two days, his body language conveys that characteristic weather-beaten sense of resignation and exhaustion. The slumped shoulders, the heat melting hisContinue reading “Street Photography: Heat on the Street”

Street Photography: Happy Accidents

Again, I decided to vary my route and avoid my usual trek through Times Square. Eighth Avenue has a very different feel. Less spiffy and touristy. More raw and New York. I also changed the way I photograph. I held the camera up to my chest and – without looking through the viewfinder – pointedContinue reading “Street Photography: Happy Accidents”