Rediscovering Morristown National Historical Park

Morristown National Historical Park (“MNHP”) celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2023. o lead the commemoration period beginning in 2022, the National Park Service commissioned the nationally recognized New York artist, musician, and author Xiomaro (pronounced See-oh-ma-ro) to create fine art photographs of the park’s key features.

From the New England Trail Collection

  The National Park Service and its partners, the Connecticut Forest & Park Association and the Appalachian Mountain Club commissioned me to create an artistic photographic series to bring wider acclaim to the New England National Scenic Trail (NET), a 215-mile hiking route through 41 communities in Connecticut and Massachusetts comprised primarily of historic trail systems.Continue reading “From the New England Trail Collection”

The Art of Phoneography: Photos from the June 16, 2018 Inaugural Workshop | Contact As announced here, The Art of Phoneography is a free workshop I designed and Weir Farm’s first one ever on photography.  I did not realize I would touch a nerve in the public with my idea about teaching how to see like an artist in order to take better smartphone photographs.  This first workshopContinue reading “The Art of Phoneography: Photos from the June 16, 2018 Inaugural Workshop”