Street Photography: Heat on the Street

As I described in my previous post, last week’s heat wave made its presence known on the faces of New Yorkers. Some, like me, can manage the temperatures, which ranged from about 95 to 97 degrees and having a “real feel” of at least 100 degrees. It’s not pleasant, but I can deal with itContinue reading “Street Photography: Heat on the Street”

One Shot Challenge: Japanese Rain Chain

© 2019 In the days of film, it might have been appropriate to alter the sound of the shutter to the ka-ching of a cash register. Intentionality was required as the film and its development cost money. And you were limited to 24 or 36 shots after which the film had to be unloadedContinue reading “One Shot Challenge: Japanese Rain Chain”

Fire Island’s Centennial Art Exhibit Features National Park Photographs by Xiomaro | Contact Photographs created by Long Island artist Xiomáro have been selected by the National Park Service for their Centennial Art Exhibit at the Patchogue Ferry Terminal gallery space, which welcomes visitors as they embark on their journey to Fire Island.  The exhibit is open now through September 5, 2016 with a free reception open toContinue reading “Fire Island’s Centennial Art Exhibit Features National Park Photographs by Xiomaro”