Photo Ceramics by Xiomáro on Exhibit at Weir Farm National Historic Site | Contact Connecticut’s Weir Farm National Historic Site will open its 2017 season with the debut exhibition “Photo Ceramics by Xiomáro:  An Homage to J. Alden Weir and the Tile Club,” a collection of photographs fused on black ceramic tiles by the park’s Visiting Artist, Xiomáro.  The collection of 23 photo ceramics will be on viewContinue reading “Photo Ceramics by Xiomáro on Exhibit at Weir Farm National Historic Site”

Weir House: An Artistic Photographic Documentary | Contact Me Recently, the U.S. National Park Service commissioned me to photograph the Weir House, which sits at the border of Wilton and Ridgefield in Connecticut. I was eager to accept the opportunity as I became very intrigued with the house during my Artist-in-Residence at Weir Farm National Historic Site. The importance of the Federal styleContinue reading “Weir House: An Artistic Photographic Documentary”