Street Photography: 32nd Street

Some time ago I read a quote from Garry Winogrand (1928-1984). He explained, “I photograph to see what something will look like photographed.” There are many images I create that don’t have any particular meaning or are lacking of any specific statement or symbolism. They are just moments with random elements that intrigue me. And,Continue reading “Street Photography: 32nd Street”

Street Photography: Lower Manhattan

Paul McCartney sang “I’ve just seen a face, I can’t forget the time or place.” For me, that lyric is embodied in this candid portrait. It’s all about the face. I see kindness, sincerity, and total attention to the subject of her peaceful gaze. It’s the calm, caring, trusting, and gentle expression I would wantContinue reading “Street Photography: Lower Manhattan”

Street Photography: Times Square

In addition to my fascination with hair, as described in yesterday’s post, I am also drawn to interesting clothes. This was a very colorful bunch. It was an overcast day, which made the colors pack an extra punch. These are the sort of photographs that I like to think of as “future history.” Twenty orContinue reading “Street Photography: Times Square”

Street Photography: Caught Looking

Much of my commissioned works for the National Park Service are artistic photographic collections of historical homes and workplaces. Some of the sites include General George Washington’s headquarters in New Jersey, President Theodore Roosevelt’s summer White House on Long Island, and the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s home in Massachusetts. Recently, Arcadia Publishing released a bookContinue reading “Street Photography: Caught Looking”

Street Photography: New York Attitude

When I get a commission from the National Park Service to create a collection around a historic house or a preserved landscape, I am photographing an interior or exterior environment where rooms, furnishings, trees, and rocks are stationary.  The variables might be the lighting, the season, and the weather.  I am also a variable asContinue reading “Street Photography: New York Attitude”

Street Photography: Feels Good

I don’t know if he is her caregiver, works for the Port Authority – where this photograph was taken – or if he is a good Samaritan.  In any case, it was a nice scene to encounter and I had to get a shot of it.  I especially like how he is stooping over toContinue reading “Street Photography: Feels Good”

Street Photography: Expression

Some forms of expression don’t need a T shirt, sign, poster, or billboard.  In fact, they don’t even need words.  One glance and you can sense a state of emotion from the eyes, mouth, hands, and postures. For this photograph, I’m not going to reveal the location although you are welcome to leave a commentContinue reading “Street Photography: Expression”

Street Photography: Avenue of the Americas

I was a half block away when I saw her starting to cross the street. So I timed the pace of my stride to try to get close enough for a photograph. I also liked the expressionistic reflections on the street projected by the glass corporate towers that line the Avenue of the Americas inContinue reading “Street Photography: Avenue of the Americas”

Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen

Another shoulder-level shot taken on Eighth Avenue during last week’s heat wave. She was with a friend who suddenly bent forward in a cascade of long hair that became a distracting blur. I thought maybe the friend had dropped something. But it’s possible that she saw me and was quickly dodging my camera. As muchContinue reading “Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen”

Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen

This photograph completely took me by surprise. I actually gasped “wow” out loud when it popped up on my studio monitor. It looks like it was posed. And the theatricality of her Dickensian hat, robe, and spectacles also make it look staged. As much as I was happy with the shot, I was also disappointed.Continue reading “Street Photography: Hell’s Kitchen”